Whatcha Reading?

As a bibliomaniac, I always want to have a book n my hand and eight more waiting for me. In fact, I’ve gone on manic library shopping trips where I grab fifteen or twenty books. I feel calmer when I have books all around me.  So, as I read, I’ll let you know what I’m diving into.

Mercury Rises by Robert Kroese (Mercury Falls, Mercury Rests)

  • This is book 2 of a hysterically awesome series revolving around Mercury, who is a cherubim, with an agenda of his own.  The author makes strong points about following religion simply because it says.  The humor is based on continued  “inside jokes” that follow throughout the book and is fairly evolved. Definitely a series worth reading!

Loop Group by…uh… Doesn’t matter:

  • Avoid! Danger, danger Will Robinson, danger.  I ‘read’ this book via cd, thanks to Houston traffic. Wowza…   f-bombs and full descriptions of 60 year old+ women and their sexcapades.  Had me cringing quite a few times…but, of course, I had gone too far and couldn’t stop until I heard the end.

The Illumination by Kevin Brockmeier

  • Brockmeier is an old friend. He is the creature of Brief History of the Dead which was a spell-binding spectacular book. It’s one of those books that carves and winds itself deep into the reader and takes root.  Knowing that Brockmeier did that once, I gave him the chance again.  Okay, while it wasn’t completely life shattering, but it was darn close. The story itself is based on the idea that on an arbitrary day, a light begins shining through any spot on the body that hurts. Any type of pain causes a light to shine through. It’s also about a journal. Journals are simple. This one is simple in concept but massive in pathos.  Every entry in the journal was originally a Post-It note given to a wife by her husband. Every entry begins with “I love…” and finishes with something that he loves about her.  Believe me, this book roots itself into you as well.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

  • I’m a band-wagon sucker. I always have been. Give me some proof that it may possibly be the new healthy thing..and well brother, I’m there!  So hand me a book about running marathons barefoot.. and it doesn’t take much to get my tootsies hitting the pavement. Okay maybe not barefoot barefoot, but I’ve been researching the various shoes that mimic barefoot running. And if you’re one of those people who are not interested in actually running- check the book out regardless. It’s a wonderful anthropolgic journey through the history of man and the marvel that is the human body. I mean seriously… feet are amazing!


Pulp by Charles Bukowski

  • Rarely do I dislike a book. I disliked this book.  While I’ve enjoyed other Bukowski novels, this one just couldn’t hold my interest. It’s about a private investigator and the hodge podge of assigments he has recently gotten. In Bukowski form there is a lot of drinking and a true ‘up yours’ attitude.  Read it if you feel inclined by your beatnik beliefs, but otherwise, this one you can safely avoid without any consequences.  Unless you’re feeling cynical… if so, Bukowski is the man for you.

Black & Blue by  Anna Quindlen:

  • The book is really well written. With that being said, it’s so well written and personal that the story line makes you squirm a bit. It’s all about a woman escaping from her severely abusive husband and having to start anew in a different state.  The story follows Fran and her ten year old son as they try and start over. Quindlen is such a talented author that I spend my time wondering what my characters are doing when I’m not reading.

Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella

  • I’ll admit it.  I was acting high-brow.  I avoided these books because I thought they would be frivolous and silly.  And they were!  But in an amazing way!!  I fell in love with Becky Bloomwood. Kinsella did us well by writing quite a few books following the life and times of Rebecca Bloomwood and her slightly overindulgent tendencies. If you want a great book to escape into, check out one of the Shopaholic books!

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