Mighty Mega Meltdown

If you are my Facebook friend, then you may have read that I had a full- on meltdown a few days  back. It was pretty epic. There was even silent sobbing in an empty bedroom. I could have been a PSA for something really tragic. I was huddled on the floor in a completely empty room, in full meltdown mode. Generally, if I am going to be involved in a PSA, it’s something much happier…like reminding people to wear sunscreen or to love puppies.  This, on the other hand, was something closer to “Please remember to take your mood stabilizers or you could end up in a barren room bawling like a small child” type reminder for the public.


It all stems from curtains.  Our curtain man, known as Curtain Man, spent a number of days putting the curtains up in our flat.  That wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem, because I had spent 5 weeks waiting for the curtains to be made. At this point, I was fine with the curtains taking a few days to be put up. I figured that since I had to wait for the cotton to grow in order for the curtains to be made, I could wait a bit longer.

The problem was this: Three out of four of the curtains that I chose were wrong, so Curtain Man and I needed to have a chat.  But after waiting for 6 hours for him to show up, I was pretty much done.

Add to that this was the first time I had my stewardess and driver in the flat, just sort of waiting around, it added to the awkwardness.  I am way over my head when it comes to house-help.

Between frustration from the “he’s on his way here now” for 6 hours, strangers in the house (who I’m sure where laughing at me), and  no food (save some Altoids), it all lead to the aforementioned meltdown.


And on a whole, I tend to be fairly emotionally stable. I mean, sure, I cry at commercials and books and whatever else, but it’s not tied to any true sadness or frustration. However, Nigeria and I may be breaking up now.  With 6 months in the hotel, which is 5 1/2 months longer than we were told we would be in the hotel, I think Nigeria and I are breaking up. Too many tears. I’ve lost perspective.

Furniture Guy promised furniture today. He looked us in the eye and said that it would be ready in 2 weeks. Well, that was 2 weeks ago.  The news this morning? No furniture is going to be delivered today.

I don’t know what the flight schedules are today. I need a flight out of here.

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