Ommm Letttttt

OM let

om LET

Eggs made into an omlette

ooomllleetteee eggs

Yes. An omlette.

With bacon and mushrooms.

Mush   rooms


Yes. Mushrooms.


ORange juice

orange JEWs

orANGE Jooooce


Yes, orange juice.

French toast

And a… nevermind. Yes, that’s it.


This was the conversation I woke up to this past weekend. Living in a hotel, Hubs has the option of  “cooking” me breakfast with a simple phone call. Well, maybe not simple, but a phone call, at least.

The fact that my unflappable husband was um… flapped by the lack of understanding on the kitchen staff’s end was made better by the breakfast we received:

Plain scrambled eggs

French toast

Mango juice


The french toast was missing syrup, though everyone was very earnest in the fact that they had poured it on. I decided to play the fat American card and ask for a side of syrup anyway.

45 minutes after breakfast arrived, we received my syrup AND…


Yes, that would be a plate of mushrooms, which The Hubs promptly ate on toast.


Not bad for a country whose national language is English, eh?

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