Crap, crap, crap

Okay, so I knew I forgot to do something! I forgot to write anything for four months. Yeah..

So here is the Reader’s Digest version of life so far (By the way, “Reader’s Digest version” means nothing to kids nowadays. It doesn’t really mean anything to my generation either. I’m secretly an 85 year Jewish man stuck in a 26 year old female body. Don’t tell.)

Okay, read all these really quickly in one breath.

1. Got married. I think you knew that.

2. Still married. Yea us! We made it longer than Kim Kardashian (Googled how to spell that name… clearly I can’t stand pop culture)

3. Got a dawg. Her name is Macaroni. She’s part corgi, part husky, part Satan spawn.

4. Still teaching Texas history…still pretending to know Texas history.

5. Husband signed us up for a July 4th 5K. I’m still not talking to him.

6. We started GeoCaching. I have poison ivy.

7. Big plans are in the works, but mum’s the word on those for now. (That’s trying my hand at intrigue.)

8. I’m writing a book. I think it sucks. I’m writing it anyway.


I really wanted to get to 10 since Letterman taught me things are better in tens. I ran out of stuff though.

However, I’m back in the game and will be writing more soon. Like for realsies.

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