Claymation, but not really

Above and beyond everything else, I’m a total cheap skate when it comes to, well, most everything. So you can imagine how difficult it has been to plan a wedding.  Because, well, in case you weren’t sure, those things ain’t cheap.

So when The Fiance and I got it in our heads to have an adorable, whimsical clay replication of us for the cake topper, it was way exciting.  And then reality set in. I’m not going to pay for something like that when I can attempt to bumble my way through to a mediocre result.  Why leave it to the professionals, right? Yeah…

Lessons learned while claying (I know that’s not a word. Back off.):

1. Getting clay warm enough to work with is a real bugger for something with one vaguely workable hand and one fairly gimpy one.

2. Pug dogs will happily chew on a loved one’s clay skull. Watch them- they’re sneaky creatures.

3. It’s vaguely creepy gouging out eye holes for your clay future husband.

4. Pug dogs will happily chew on the baked version of a loved one.

5.   I’m seriously not going to quit my day job over this one.


So an activity that I assumed would take me an hour to complete (like the whole thing.. me, Fiance, books, pug-dog) ended up being many hours worth of clay activity.  Once I declayed the dog’s mouth, I had to start over. Grrr, pug dog. Then gravity starting playing with me. It just went from there, as you can imagine.

In any case, my evening was taken up with this clay-tacular event.   Why leave it to the people with true talent?….


Check out some neat clay skills!

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