Oh will this day end?

I’m an idiot. No, I really am.  Okay, maybe idiocy is not my issue. I am a chronic volunteerer. It’s a big problem that I’ve always had.  In school, I was in every club that didn’t involve athletic ability or musical talent.  In college, I joined clubs and did events..of course, always for the promise that it would help to get me a job.  And now that I’m a big girl? Well, I’m still volunteering.

Currently I’m sitting in a high school cafeteria listening to hundreds of students screaming, yelling, chanting, and giggling. Golly, it was fun for the first hour. Now that our day is steadily moving forward, my ears hurt and I’m wondering what it would take to play ‘the quiet game’ with a few hundred kiddos. 

Why am I hear? Because I’m a damn volunteerer who said, “Sure, I’ll sponsor another group!”  I have to admit that it’s been really neat to see my girls’ progressing from the first practice until today.  After today our group will disbanded, so for now, I’ll put my earplugs in and try to enjoy!

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