I Put Two Pitbulls in Your Backyard

That was my favorite quote from last night, “So, uh…we put two pitbulls in your backyard.”

:raise eyebrows: Oh?

The Boy and I have been having some issues over the last few months with our neglegent neighbor’s dogs eating our fence.  Pleace note the verb. They are not chewing. They are not clawing. They are, in fact, eating our fence plank by plank.

Last night, they ate a Cujo-sized hole in our fence, then busted through our front gate, where they found freedom on our street.  Our neighbors figured they were our dogs and coaxed them back onto our property.  The neighbor started off by being vaguely angry with us, then slightly concerned when it was confirmed that he had put two very hungry dogs in our backyard… a backyard that was not theirs. 

As I said, this has been happening for months. We’ve called the police, animal control, Mom, neighbors, and our HOA.  Nothing.  Well except for Mom. Moms always know what to do. I’m not sure what The Boy’s mom said to do. My mother mentioned that if their dogs kills my dog, she’s coming down and will wind up in prison. 

(On a side note, when I called Ma this afternoon I stopped rehashing about the dog-escapade  and began telling her a story about school. In the middle of the story, she told me that if I’m going to hit them with a shovel, I need to make sure I get them in the belly and don’t let them grab the shovel in their mouths because I would be done for.  There was a brief silence while I decided that she probably wasn’t talking about obnoxious 12 year olds anymore and may possibly still be thinking about a dog attack.)

Ultimately, the dog owner happened to come by to feed the animals after The Boy screwed a cement board over the giant hole in the fence. (Did I mention the detail that the family has moved out and is living in an apartment? Apparently they can’t have dogs, so they just keep their animals confined in their old backyard. It’s terribly sad overall)  The dog owner is suppose to fix our fence, though we aren’t holding our breath.  Ultimately we’re really hoping that these dogs can have a better life than what they’re getting now.

My second favorite quote of the night was from one of the police officers who said, “Oh, I’m not having any piece of those dogs. Go back there and bring your boyfriend out. I don’t want to deal with those dogs.”   As I walked away from the man in the bulletproof vest, carrying a gun, mace, and club, I giggled to myself. Anything to protect our boys in blue :)

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