The Three C’s

Yesterday went something like this:

“Yeaaa yeaaa snow day!”

: 4 hours of working at the kitchen table (but we were together, so it made it pleasant) even though we weren’t obligated to work:

“Let’s go to the grocery store!”

“Yeaaa yeaaaa grocery store!”

This is the part where I have to mention that I have not gone to the grocery store in 2011.  The Boy decided that we had waaaaaay too much food stored in the pantry and freezer, so we should eat our way through it all before we buy anymore.  Then The Boy left for Nigeria.  Convenient, eh?

Anywhooo…. we decided to go to the store while people were still at work or afraid of the ice on the roads.  When we got near to the store, I told The Boy that we were close to my optometrist.  He offered to go there first to get my glasses, then go shopping.   And then we got lost. Okay, so I wasn’t sure we were anywhere near the eye doctor.  Houston makes me directionally challenged.

After finding that the office was closed due to ice, we went back to the store. And parked. And looked at one another.  And realized that we had forgotten the coupons that we so diligently cut out each week. Crap!

Now this is where things get interesting.  I must preface his statements by saying: 1. One of the things I love about him is that he rarely gets upset about things. So even when we drive around the city for an hour and had nothing to show for it, he is still relaxed.  2. Our division of responsibility in the house is very, very equal. Yes, I clean, but that doesn’t mean he does less work than me.  We both feel we work equally, just in different ways.

In any case, The Boy told me that it was totally my fault because, “you’re the woman. You’re in charge of cooking, cleaning, and coupons. They all start with C.  You can remember that.” 

Apparently my boyfriend was delivered straight from 1954.  Who knew?

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