Juicy Couture

So after Saturday School (ugh, don’t get me started…), I had to go to my optometrist.

For the record, I haven’t been to the eye doc since 2003.  My poor eyeballs have become bored with my glasses, and I don’t even want to explain how I managed to still have contacts hanging around from my 1 year supply.   Know the story of the Hanukkah lamp?  Same deal, just with contacts… and less heavenly assistance. Okay, my contact situation isn’t like Hanukkah at all. I’ve just never gotten the opportunity to show my understanding of the Jewish faith. 

In any case, I went through the normal eye doc stuff, including that darn air puffer machine thing. I don’t think it does a frackin’ thing but make the technicians giggle.

Them's my eyeballs!

After the exam, I had the daunting task of choosing new glasses. Ugh. I’ve had my ‘dirty librarian’ glasses since 2003, so my brain has long since forgotten what frames look good on me.  But have no fear!  Bubbly Optometrist Technician came to my rescue!!

She bounced over and began telling me all about the brands.  “Oh here, try these on. They’re :pause for dramatic effect: Juicy Couture.”  I nodded.

“Oooo, try these! They’re :reverent pause:  Dolce and Gabbana (by the way, I just looked up how to spell that.)” I stopped and looked at her. I swear it, she had a glow about her as she held those frames. 

“Now, there’s always Aaaarmani.”


“Yes, Aaaaarmani,” she says with a loving sigh.

Twenty agonizing minutes later. I had my frames and was thankfully getting away from her.

P.S- I went with the Banana Republic frames. Errr…grammatically, would that be Banana Republican?

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3 Responses to Juicy Couture

  1. Roni says:

    photo needed as soon as they come in!!

  2. Big Brudder (the nice one) says:

    I can SEE that you are having issues with your eyes and after reading your posts ahhh, almost every human being in Houston. Can you see my point?

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