Fancy Phrases

Through work and reading, I hear a lot of phrases and words that I want to try to work into my vernacular.  Not everything is sophisticated,  but they all ring true to my ear. Check back soon, as I’m sure there will be more.

Here’s some that we can work on:

  • “Do you take”-  Used as in “Do you take oranges?”, meaning, do you eat oranges?
  • Sorry!-  Never mind ‘bless you’ or whatnot- sorry is the new phrase. This is used here in Nigeria when someone sneezes. Generally, a person that is sneezing and coughing is well on their way to the grave. Sorry!
  • Sorry-o!- A quick little apology that makes me chuckle, especially because it sounds like a child would say it, but it’s always full grown people.  It’s an apology with pizazz!
  • Devil is in the details–  Our tech guy kept saying this one. I hadn’t heard it before. It’s perfect, especially in our line of work.  We have a great plan…it’s just ironing out the details that is the problem.  The devil is in the detail.
  • In the soup– Sure, I’ve heard of ‘in hot water’, but this one takes that and makes it even better. “So that girl is in the soup, eh?”
  • Hand to the Man– One of my 7th graders said this when she was going on a tirade to another student.  In order for her friend to know she was telling the truth, she said- “hand to the man that’s all that happened.”  It took me a second to figure the phrase out, but what a fun alternative to swearing to various deities. Love it!
  • Called on the carpet- It is all about that aspect of being chewed up one side and down the other.  It stems from when the bosses had carpets in their offices and the lowly workers had tile/wood floors. To be called on the carpet means you were about to get chewed out by the Big Man.
  • Pull your socks up–   It’s kind of like pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, but you know..with socks.  It means to straight up your behavior or work .

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