I chuckled when I read the description below. Yes,  I used to be a Yankee-transplant-middle-school-teacher in an urban school district.

Now I am an official Housewife of Lagos Island.  We moved to Lagos, Nigeria in November 2012 and will be here for a few years. It’s a different lifestyle, hell, I’m leading a different life, but it’s not hard to find the good in the land and especially the good in the people.

My blog has changed gears, as it’s no longer bizarre stories gained from teaching, but rather, bizarre stories gained from being an expatriate in a country that is very unlike my own.  Stay tuned- something weird is bound to happen.



I am a Yankee-transplant-middle-school-teacher in an urban school district. Originally from Ohio, I now find myself in Texas…often wondering what I’m doing in Texas.  Despite my reluctance in moving down here originally, I’m really loving my new countr…er.. state.

My career leaves me with lots to think and talk about.  Some of which I will relay back to you.  If you haven’t found yourself around any 12 year olds recently, then you’ve forgotten the bizarre things their brains conjure up.

This blog is the brainchild of two main things: My extensive bucketlist and a request from my potential-maybe-possibly-someday-future-father-in-law:

  • On my bucketlist (which is written on elephant poo paper, because why have a list of things I want to do before I die on regular paper when I can use paper that was once elephant poo), I have a variety of things.  One of them is to take a 365-day challenge. Do one specific thing every day for a year.  Another was to have a blog with at least a 100 followers.  So, ta da!  A blog for a year which I will add to, look at or otherwise develop each day.
  • The second push for this blog was a comment from The Boy’s pops, who told me that perhaps I should write a bit more than just a Facebook status.  So here I am!  Talk about power of persuasion…

So until January 2, 2012, I shall be doing something with Dinos & Cheese each and every day.

3 Responses to About

  1. Roni says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea!! Your facebook statuses CRACK me up… my Mom too!! You are ridiculously witty and smart and actually have something to say that’s worth listening to!! I love you so much my friend and I hope you accomplish all you hope to! I know you will!! xxoo

  2. Douglas turned me on to your site. Thank you for sharing. Love your sense of humor and truly enjoy all the things I’ve been able to read so far. I really look forward to future posts. Very, “Erma Bombeck,” and I’ve got to say, a whole bunch of one of my favorite writers ever, “Molly Ivins.” Must be that Texas thing. You’re in good company girl. Way to go.
    Thanks again.

    • Monster says:

      Thanks David! I really appreciate the kind words. Molly Ivins sure had a way with words, huh? Maybe if I stay in Texas long enough, I’ll get to be that sassy. :)

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