A bushel? A bunch? A Whole Lotta Bananas

Initially, this was going to be a very simple Facebook status alerting my friends and family about The Hubs’ recent kill. True hunter/gatherer that he is, The Hubs proudly came home a few days ago, toting a large, black plastic bag. He gives it to me without a word- just a proud grin.

Inside the bag…


I know, I know, whoop-dee-do.  But apparently these bananas were straight off the tree and are from a different area in Nigeria, known for their yummy ‘nanas.

Okay, so I have bananas now. Not like bananas, but bananas (please read that with a deep voice for emphasis. Thanks).

I know that in the US, when I buy bananas (which isn’t very often. They’re rather low on my foods-that-are-enjoyed list), that a couple must get eaten, then a majority of them will linger and start to rot. I’ll vacillate between pitching them, suffering through the agony of eating a soft banana, or throw them in the freezer for future banana bread.

Future banana bread never happens. When we moved from Houston, The Hubs through out an embarrassingly large amount of blackened bananas.

But, when I buy bananas in Houston, I buy a small amount…5 or 6, maybe.

When The Hubs moved into caveman mode, he hunted down and bagged a ______ of bananas.

Here’s where my original status came in. I was going to talk about The Hubs bringing in a bushel of bananas and me having no idea what to do with them all. Then it all went downhill.



Because, yes, there is a bunch of bananas, as in a metric-crap-ton of them. But is it an actual bunch of bananas?  The internet experts are undecided.  Bushel is correct. Bunch is correct. So no matter, how I say it, I have 40 bananas that must have an ultimate purpose.


On a side note, I had horrifically anxiety-filled moments in which I had to bring the bananas out of their black bag, peel back (pun intended) the newspaper they were wrapped in, and clean off the bananas. I’ve seen tv shows. I read stories. I knew that the chances of me finding a snake or tarantula hidden amongst the bananas was terrifyingly high.  I don’t know if they have tarantulas here.  I refuse to learn.

I didn’t know I had so many thinks about bananas.


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