Big News, Big News!!

I just got finished doing my Blogilates workout for today, and the only thing that doesn’t hurt on my body is my hair follicles.  If you’re looking for workouts that you can do at home (or in a hotel room, for that matter), check out Cassey’s spectacular workouts. In fact, she gives out a monthly calendar detailing daily workouts. Awweessommee!!

Okay, I’m done with my first, and probably only, plug for anyone or anything.

Now, we know that since it’s January, nearly everyone has resolved to get fit and trim for 2013.  I am proud to say that I have begun my renewed interested in getting svelte ( I love that word) a bit earlier than the crowd this year.


Because I have a wedding to get ready for. And since we all know that I’ve already hitched my wagon to another, we know it’s not my wedding.


It is my mother’s!!!!


That’s right, my mom is getting married in December 2013!!  This is epically huge news and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her or Mike.


Since my parents divorced many a moon ago, it is a bit baffling to wrap my head around the idea of Ma being married.  And since I’ve never had a step-parent before, it is exciting to imagine the possibilities.

1. I get to resent Mike when I’m not allowed to go out to a late night movie on a school night, ending the fight with, “You’ve changed since you’ve met him.”

2. When asked to take out the trash, I can dramatically yell in a reverse Star Wars moment, “You’re not my father!”

3. Hey Mike, can I borrow $20? $50? $100?


In all seriousness, my mom brightens up when she’s around Mike. In fact, I can hear her smiling when she even talks about him.  2013 has just begun, but I know that it will be a glorious year for my family.

Now I’m off to the treadmill!

(P.S- Dysentery works like gangbusters for weight loss. Anyone want some water??)

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