Nigeria: Putting the FUN in dysentery since…oh wait. That doesn’t work.

Alternate titles for this post include:

“I’ve lost 9 pounds in 12 hours, ask me how!”

“And you thought the water in Mexico was bad!”

But ultimately, “Nigeria: Putting the FUN in dysentery since..oh wait. That doesn’t work.” seems to be the most fitting.

I will spare you all the details, since, well, this is beyond my range of topics that I feel comfortable discussing. However, I will tell you that I feel like my guts are punching my guts, which is a feeling that is difficult to explain to the standard person. If you’re interested though, I’ll send you a bottle of water.

So moving on from that, I’ve thought of a few things.  One being that the best friend sent me a book via Kindle (btw, how cool is that???  All you need is the email address that the Kindle is set up for. I know what my birthday presents will be for the next few years!) about an explorer setting out in search of a lost city deep in the Amazon.  I’m about 20% into the book, and the vast majority of everyone has suffered a fate much like my current predicament, though they usually ended up dead and buried somewhere on the banks of the Amazon, amongst the vipers and boars.  Admittedly, I hope my story ends better than theirs.  I hold faith in the fact that I’m sitting in a hotel room, rather than a jungle in Bolivia.  The book is really enjoyable and I’m amazed that hundreds of people have disappeared into the jungles of South America, and I had never heard of any of it.  Check out The Lost City of Z by David Grann.

On an unrelated note, I considered the fact that while The Hubs is forcing water down my gullet, it’s the water that got me into this gut-wrenching situation.  The water in the hotel is probably treated and definitely safer than most of the water in the community.  I’ve talked with folks that use a system of charcoal and sand and other MacGyver-esque things to make water safe enough for brushing teeth and face washing. As in, good enough to get close to your insides, but still not safe to actually ingest.  For now, we use bottled water for all of that, and make sure to keep our eyes closed in the shower.  I used to open my mouth in the shower. It’s amazing how quickly one can break a habit.

And in the midst of all of this, one of the guys suggested we go tubing. Yeah…I’m going to get fully submerged in open water somewhere deep in a village somewhere.

However, one benefit can be used in passive-aggressive biological germ warfare. If The Hubs gets me angry, his toothbrush may just be rinsed off in the sink.  😉


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