1,400 miles

It’s about 1,400 miles from Houston to Cleveland. Now, The Hubs and I have a pretty strong marriage overall. I mean, it’s been a year and we’re still talking to each other! That’s pretty good. However, let it be known that 1,400 miles is a long time to be in such a small space with another person.  There is one other small detail that I feel warrants discussion:

The Hubs, clearly, is a man. And in Man-World ( that land in which all men form together in a bizarre club filled with unexplainable rituals and companionable grunts), Man does not stop driving for the night.  Never mind that Man needs sleep in order to safely transport the family from Point A to Point B.  Never mind that woMan (clearly not Man, for woMan requires things like food every 8 hours) has threatened divorce and bodily harm if woMan is not delivered to a hotel within the next 100 miles.  Never mind that Man can no longer see clearly over the haze that has clouded his eyes from lack of sleep and a twitch has developed due to an overabundance of Monster Energy.  No. In Man-World, Man does not stop driving.  Man drives straight for 22 hours.  Man grows a thick beard and nods to truck drivers at the gas station where Man fills up on the essentials: Gasoline, Monster, and beef jerky. For he is Man and Man must keep driving.

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