Movin’ on Up

Certainly an update is necessary. Here’s our big news:

We’re moving to Nigeria! The Hubs had an opportunity to relocate with his job, and the offer was just too good to pass up.  As it stands, we may be there anywhere between 1 1/2 -3 years.

As I write this, we have a team of movers packing up our house.  If you have never had a moving company come in, I can assure that it is a very intense experience. These guys are quick, they’re efficient, and they’re wrapping toothpaste to ensure safe delivery.  And I’m sitting at the kitchen table like a dope, typing away so that I look efficient and possibly less unnerved than I am.

I’ve learned that hordes of strangers moving everything one owns can have a troubling effect on one’s sense of privacy.  Was I supposed to fold my underroos before they came in? What are the chances I can pack that box?  And while I know that they do this for a living, I can’t help but think how much they are judging The Hubs and me.

Opens a desk drawer:
“Oh yes, you must be a professional, I see you have quite a few mustache-eraser pencil toppers.  And the zombie squishy pen shows that you mean business.”

Opens a closet:  “Hula skirt with coconut bra and a giant stuffed sheep. Gotcha.”

Packing garage: “Yoga mat, hand weights, and exercise videos. Bwhahahahha, how did these work for you?  I’m guessing you want these in storage? Do you want them out of the original wrapping or should we keep the tags on them?”

Though, thankfully, inner monologues cannot be heard on the outside, so I don’t have to know if this is a real representation or not.  For now, all I know is that we have one guy who is the ‘me’ of movers. He has dropped an entire container of silverware, then a box of 500 toothpicks (I’m not Rain Man… I assume there was around 500, since it was full and that’s what the box originally held. Brilliant deductions, I know).  And I appreciate that he suggested we throw the toothpicks out, because 3 years from now, I certainly won’t remember what happened.

I will leave you with this: I don’t know where my toothbrush is.

After The Hubs told me it was too late to change my mind about moving.


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