Lost forever

After 121 hours of watching Lost, I have finally completed all the seasons. Gosh, I’m glad that I made it to the end so that it could answer all my questions. Yeah….

The end of the show went something like this-

: Eyes close: Credits roll.

“Wait. Is that it? What happened?” I said with my squeaky, concerned voice.

“Whatever you believe happened,” The Boy replies with his superior understanding voice (I hate that one, by the way.).

:Stomps out of room:

Thankfully The Boyfriend had an element of frustration today as well.  He bought the complete Blu-Ray series before it went on sale. Then, he waited for the box set to be completed, sent and finally recieve it.  Later, he learned that there is a hidden episode included in the set. He waited the four months it took us to watch all the episodes, so that he could finally watch that last kernal of information.  So today, finishing up that four month Lost extravaganza, we watched the four minute clip.  Half of us were amused. The other half was rather frustrated. You can guess which was which. Heehee.

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