Monster Truckin’

No longer am  I a city girl. No sir. Now I can pass for a country gal.

I’ve gone to my first Monster Truck Show. Moreso, I was actually cheering.  Even more, I liked it!

Now, heading into this adventure, I was less than excited.  I felt that this was a fair trade for The Boy’s attending The Nutcracker last month.  Even walking in to the arena, I was still wondering what I was doing there.  Granted, I was thinking that as I jogged to catch up to The Boy, who was so excited he actually elbowed a large redne…er.. gentleman.  Boys.

Now granted, I still feel that the Monster Truck Show had a very large collection of sociological mishaps.  But who am I to judge? Bless their hearts. :) ( I learned that phrase down here. I can say whatever I want so long as I say ‘bless their heart’ afterward. This needs to spread north. It’s wonderfully liberating!)

We were just five rows up from the arena, which means we were close enough for me to cringe everytime the truck came barreling toward us.  The Boy found great joy in this fact and drew the attention of those around us. Everyone’s a comedian.   I’m sorry, but if I’m going to die young, it better not be from a piece of debris at a Monster Truck Show  Besides, I’m holding off for a martyr-y death saving a bunch of orphans and puppies from a burning building. I’m vying for that memorial library to be named after me. So yes, I was cringing.

So at the end of the day, I’m a Gravedigger fan. I have visions for a Dinosaurs and Cheese Monster Truck in the future. Yellow Truck. Purple and Green Polka Dots. All tough.

Update on Dog:

We brought her home, went to drop my car off at the dealership, and she promptly pooed on the floor.  She’s never done that before. Neat trick Trainer Guy. Thanks.

Ah yes, the car. I received a letter explaining that they’ve determined the next step in the recall of my car. Recall?  Apparently I got a letter months ago. Hmm. In any case, my power steering may  go out at any moment. They said not to worry. I can turn off my car and try it again. Yeah… try that on a nine-lane highway.

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4 Responses to Monster Truckin’

  1. Mark says:

    I LOVE THE MONSTER TRUCKS!!!! And yes I did have a mullet at one time. HMM, I’m beginning to see a pattern. Dangit!

  2. mom says:

    Oh that’s my Noni. I knew all that intense training would cause upset with her sensitive digestive tract, lol.

  3. Roni says:

    I have lucked out on having to attend the monster truck shows for four years now… Last year was my last “free” ticket for not going… until this year when I’m uber-pregnant… Next year, I’m out of “get-out-of-going-to-the-monster-truck-shows-free-card” so we will double. It’s my only stipulation!! My mom will be moved up here and will watch Logan and we’ll have a big kids night at at the white trash hall… err… monster truck show. Sick.

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