Andi.. will you..uhhh…

That’s right folks, The Boy has now become (drumroll please…) The Fiance!

Last weekend The Boy The Fiance planned a surprise trip for me.  For a few days, I was convinced that we were going camping. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but I  was hoping for relaxation over bugs and armadillos.

It just so happened that The Fiance knew exactly what was in my head (he always does it seems) and planned a trip for us to Galveston.  Now for you geography whizzes, you know that Galveston is right on the gulf. So as soon as I figured out where we were going (we were heading south…it narrows it down quite a bit), I was looking forward to sand and surf.

Our first stop was to the aquarium at Moody Gardens. Why, you ask? Because they have penguins!! Some of you may know my affinity for penguins- I understand their plight of being a flightless mammal. I too am a flightless mammal.  Perhaps my fella wanted to soften me up with a trip to see those cute little creatures. Regardless, our weekend was starting off on the right foot.

My Penguiny Brethren

Okay, so we get to the hotel. No wait. If The Fiance didn’t believe himself to be funny, we would have gone straight to the hotel. Instead, we leave the aquarium and drive down the road to a hotel that looks as though it were taken straight from a horror film.  He pulls into the parking lot, I gulp and put on a happy face. He pulls into a park lot and says, “Here we are!”…and after a few seconds he says, “No…this place isn’t good enough for my Peanut (I dare you to mock my nickname)”.  And down the road we drive.

Three other places. THREE!  He does this thrice…including spending five minutes stuck in the middle of the road trying to turn into a hotel’s parking lot, which wasn’t even ours.  He did upgrade each hotel he tricked me with, so I have to give him that.

Ultimately we wound up a really, really nice condo by the beach. It was newly decorated and didn’t smell like rotting corpses (I tend to be a bit frugal with my hotels. When I choose hotels, they tend to smell like rigor mortis has set in and generally the police tape is still hanging on the walls.), so I was loving it!

After a terrific meal and an even terrificer bubble bath (Yes, terrificer. When you have an English degree, you have justification to play with the language a bit), I was amicable to a sunrise walk on the beach.

So Saturday morning started (early, I may add) and I was affably awoken and convinced to get up.  I even managed not to be a crab about the whole thing.

That which I wasn't, thank you very much.


So we ambled out to the beach and walked along the shoreline.  It was quite cloudy and early and windy and early, but we were there.  In fact, I had managed to get my contacts in that morning, so I was feeling pretty good about the whole walk idea.


::Tune into tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of “Geez this post better be good or I’m going to be pissed that she made me wait for a mediocre rambling of her weekend.”::

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