The birds are out, the temperatures are up, I’m obsessing about my weight. Must be springtime!

I’ll admit it. I have freak outs about the way I look. And The Boy generally has to pick up the pieces.

Here’s my issue: I eat right and I exercise. Alright, so I don’t do extensive exercises, but I walk/ jog/ Wii/ stuff that looks like I’m burning calories. Besides, I’ve got a great personality and I brake for animals. It should count right?

Recently, The Boy and I have begun jogging again. Yippee frickin skippy.  I loathe jogging. It makes me feel stupid and it hurts. And and, well, darn it, it’s hard! My joints ache and I don’t see instant results.

See the basis of my problem? I want instant turn around.  And any person older than 20 knows that that’s just not going to happen. 

The Boy and I tend to eat pretty healthy when we’re at home.  Even when we eat out, I try and find the better option.  And yet, I’m still the same.

What’s the solution? Well push through! Work harder! Push it!  If you want results, then you need to work for it.  Water, water, water. Calories in vs calories out.

Reality?  I keep hoping I twist my ankle so I don’t have to exercise anymore.

(By the way, I wrote this post during my allotted exercise time this evening.  Whoops!)

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