A New Obsession

Well shit.

Yeah. I said it. Shit.

I innocently pick up the remote, flip to TLC and :bam: there goes life as I know it. Gone. Out the window. Never the same again.

Whilst snuggling with The Boy (his teefers hurt because of the veneers- that’s a whole other story), we started watching Extreme Couponing.  Now, we’ve been clipping coupons for a few months now. We have a subscription to the newspaper and we get it delivered every Thursday-Sunday (because in my mind, that’s what adults do). From those papers, I clip coupons, put them into my ghetto-rigged coupon holder* and use them when we’re at the store (but only if generic isn’t cheaper).

We though we were doing well. We were proud.


Did you know that we were doing it all wrong? Did you know that there are people who are absolutely obsessed with coupons? Did you know that there are hundreds of websites dedicated to couponing? 

So enter my, “Well shit.” statement again.  With this knowledge, I’m in for a very large paradigm shift.  For The Boy looked at me and said, “We could do that.”  Now if you know him, you recognize that gleam in his eye and the dedication in his voice.

Can I get a “well shit” from the crowd?

So now, I’ve spent the last two hours learning that I need to get a binder with baseball card inserts to organize my coupons (why didn’t I think of that?), and I also need to find out which stores allow you to double coupons.  From that…well, we’ll take it slowly.

I vow not to stock pile 40 years worth of deodorant in my garage. I also vow not to overtake our spare rooms and refer to my supplies as, “My Beautiful Catch” or some other freaky phrase. 

I will maintain my composure. I will not have a meltdown in the check out line. I will not check out using 9 carts. I will not.

* My ghetto-rigged coupon holder is actually an envelope that holds lil’ alphabet dividers. Everything falls out. I will admit that I once had a minor-to-moderate meltdown because Jeff Gordon…er.. I mean, The Boy took a turn at 84mph and all my coupons spilled out of the holder and scattered throughout the car. It was ugly. : Phew: I feel better for confessing that. Thanks Reader.

Got any tips for your new Coupon Diva… er… Princess…um…  Clipping Cadet…. nevermind.  Let me know if you have a trick for me.

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