The Parents are Coming, The Parents are Coming!

Watch out now!  We have 3 parents in one home for the next 4 days! Eeep :)

I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time peering into corners of the house and scrubbing stains from The Boy’s former bachelor pad digs. Really, I want things to look nice and be comfortable.

Which brings me to my greatest frustration- Everyone I live with is so darn hairy!  I have a pug who sheds, without fail, at least 25% of her bodyweight each day.  I have a boyfriend who sheds, without fail, at least 25% of his bodyweight each day. 

I sweep.

They shed.

I Swiffer.

They shed.

I keep the lights off in the living room so I can’t see the hair.

They…well… I don’t know if they shed. That’s my only resolution. But I assume they continue to shed.

Perhaps I can start a new trend in America, where I provide slippers for my guests before they enter my home. They do that in Japan as part of their culture. I can do it in Houston as a way for everyone to keep the fur off their socks.  Eh eh?

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