People Training

My dog’s trainer’s first trick was to teach me how to shake hands.

Apparently, because I’m a woman, I cannot shake hands like he, a man, can.  In fact, he told me, “Sweetheart, you’re a woman. You don’t have to do that tough shake with me.”  Don’t.Call.Me.Sweetheart. Then he took my hand and moved my wrist so he was holding just my four fingers delicately.  I hate this man.

For the next ninety minutes, he spent most of the time making fun of me.  Apparently The Boy looks way too tough to mess with. Neat.  Three cheers for the fairer sex.

I learned: “No, sit.” “No, sit.” “No, sit.”  

So now my dog somewhat sits. Lettuce call that progress.

And when we left, the trainer corrected my handshake again. He even told me ‘no’. I really hate this man.

After my extensive training session, I’m tuckered out. Tomorrow I’ll detail the changes with my aged pup.  I requested that the trainer teach Dog to pour coffee for me in the morning. I’ll let you know.

Will she bee good?

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