We made it!

This past weekened was The Boy’s 27th birthday. I am happy to report that we survived. By ‘we’, I mean me.

This weekend was dedicated to The Boy. I have to say that a lot of our life is centered around The Boy’s thoughtfulness. He spends a lot of time wondering what would make me happy or what would be better for us. 

So this weekend was all about him.  It started with pizza before a hockey game on Friday and a large vat of chili cheese fries once we got to the arena. I didn’t say a word and encouraged him to get the heart-cloggers.

Saturday included Taco Bell, yardwork (which The Boy has been slave-driving through), and my total surrender of the t.v remote.

Sunday was actually The Boy’s birthday, so we definitely kicked it up a notch. He woke up to cinnamon rolls in bed.  Then we went to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf (on a side note: I loathe mini golf. Stupid tiny ball and stupid little club and stupidly designed hole. It’s frustrating and grrrr! Of course, The Boy loves it and spends a lot of time finding mini golf courses wherever he is.).  We also watched Battle for Los Angeles, which keyed in on my fiundamental fear of aliens. The movie theatre was one of those awesome ones where you can order food. Of course, The Boy got popcorn and pizza (another Top 5 favorite thing for him).  Later that evening we watched :mumbles: Jackass 3 and ate more pizza. 

Last night we were talking about his weekend (which he thinks we should continue forever) and he tried to say (with a straight face), “This weekend wasn’t too bad for you.”  But he knew it was a lie and couldn’t get through the statement without giggling. Thank goodness  birthdays are only once a year :)

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