Shrove Day

I love Lent.

 Okay, I’m not Catholic.  I’ve never been Catholic. (And no, this isn’t a typical 20-something crisis of faith. I was never raised Catholic)

So my love of Lent doesn’t make a lot of sense. But it’s there. It’s been a love of mine for years upon years (well as many ‘upon years’ as a 25 year old can have) and one that has not abated despite my lack of formal church going.

Thinking about it though, I think it has to go back to the idea of appreciating the small things in life.  That’s a standard that I always try to keep in my mind.  I know that if one can find joy in the life’s simple joys, then one will always find happiness.  But often times appreciating means that people must first recognize what is around them.

 And that’s where Lent comes in to play.  By giving up something you enjoy, you learn to appreciate it more once it comes back.  Does your teen truly understand the power of a text message until they no longer receive any for forty days?  Can you truly appreciate the inter-connective-ness that Facebook provides until you stay logged off through Easter?

 Without the religious aspect, I can still truly appreciate the power that Lent provides.  A person learns the act of sacrifice, albeit a small one.  But once that sacrifice is provided again, then a person has a greater appreciation for it.

 So goodbye candies and sweets. I shall rid myself of my sugar desire, by not allowing another fruitfully sweet Skittle to pass by my lips and await the chew of my $4,000 teeth-circa-1996-orthodontia-rate (yeah right, like my mother lets me forget how much she paid for these teeth. That is a totally different story though.)

Joyfully give up something folks. See your sweet-return in 40 days!

{P.S- The Boy asked me what I’ve assigned him to give up for Lent. I shall pretend to be insulted. Sheeesh, what does he think of me? :)  }

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