Money Mess-ups

The Boy is notoriously noted for being spectacular.  Really. In fact, he rarely messes up. It’s rather annoying for his mess-up-more-than-average girlfriend.

So this weekend, The Boy miscalculated on some money things. Okay, fine.  There was nothing big, but sometimes Mr. Perfecto tale-spins and these occasions have to be noted.

It started with Taco Bell.  I changed my order to save some money and that way we could share a pop.  Well, The Boy ordered his combo order and we ended up spending more money than normal. Grr. 

 Then we went to Walmart to get potting soil.  On his insistance, we grabbed a bag that he was certain was $1.78…. it wasn’t.  Then I should have known something was going on when he didn’t end up giving the cashier the coupons we used.  Obviously he was off his game. 

Then we were off to get mulch.  Lowe’s ended up having some mulch that we thought was well priced.  So we got a few bags. Then we went to Home Depot, where The Boy discovered that he was off his game once again and we found a better deal on mulch.So then we got even more mulch.  

But the coup de grace was when I came home today to find a mound of mulch half the height of me in our driveway.  I swear it, he’s become obsessed.  So after buying two different store’s brands, he ended up going to some mulch place off the side of the road to get 900 billion pounds of black mulch to hang out in our driveway.

He later admits that he didn’t need to get as much mulch delivered and it would have been cheaper to get half the amount.  Not to mention we have 10 bags of  store-bought mulch and two cubic acres (ok, yards) of mulch to spread out. Ugh!

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