Time Warp

Whoa boy, Life has hit a fast forward button and all of a sudden :bam: here I am.  Where has the time gone?  I think of you, dear Dinosaur and Cheese reader(s). I imagine all the things I want to write about, all the amazing words that I want to string together into a series that opens eyes and elicit laughs. 

But then I get home and my mushy brain shuts down for the night. Hell and roads and intentions and whatnot, ya know?

I’ll leave you with this tonight- I petted a pig. I’ve never done that before. Have you?  Chances are, if you have, it’s probably odd to you that it took nearly 26 years for me to experience, tactilely, a pig. I really did grow up in a city.

In any case, I went to the rodeo (which will certainly be its own post soon), and The Boy brow-beat me into touching a pig.  I’m a bit of a rule follower and there weren’t any signs saying that I was allowed to touch the animals.  I didn’t want to get yelled at.

But I chanced it, after The Boy threatened to find the owner of the animal so that I could personally be introduced to the pig.  I thought possibly just touching the darn thing would far less embarrassing. 

Gotta tell you, not the way I expected. But then again, what in life ever ends up the way you expect?

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