A bright spot amongst darkness

I’m a news junkie. I want to read my news articles every day.  And yet, the world runs in cycles.  At times, I cannot read them because they cause too much sadness.

At this point, our world seems tobe in a true uprise.  Political unrest has taken hold of country after country.  Then Mother Nature takes a crack at New Zealand.  Cases of missing kids come back as confirmed homicides.  Gas prices rise while support of education falls.

But last night…but last night there was article about a set of people who took it upon themselves to save a man trapped in a burning car.  A group of men stopped on the side of the highway and physically moved the front of the car away from the barricade. Because of their efforts, the police officer was able to pull the man out, despite the roaring flames.  The police officer was burned, but his bravery saved the man.  And instead of driving past, those people decided to give something positive to the world.

Finally a message that can stay with ya.

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