Lifetime movies, really?

I’ve sunken to a new low. Last night, I excitedly hopped into my ‘jamas and watched Amanda Knox story in bed.  Okay, I was grading papers too, but still.

Do you ever take a step back and wonder what t.v is doing to your brain?  I believe that perhaps Lifetime has taken a revolutionary step and have begun feeding subliminal messages through their movies.  It’s the only explanation that I can come up with.  There’s no way that that movie was able to leave me so enticed.

And then there’s One Born Every Minute which has truly frightened me to death.  You want to see a horror show?  Throw that thing on. Better yet, have a teenager?  Sit them down and Clockwork Orange their eyes so that they must see what happens when someone gets pregnant. 

Oh Lifetime, what is your power?

Now granted, a few years back when I got dumped before Thanksgiving and subsequently watched hour upon hour of Fa-La-La-Lifetime, I believe that the power of the movie rested in the fact that the acting was bad enough to make me feel better about my life-in-shambles.  But now?? No excuse.  I’m happy as a clam, and yet, I was physically unable to turn off the tv.

So tell me Lifetime, what are you doing to my brain?  (P.S- When is Craigslist Killer coming on next?)

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  1. Ryno says:

    Don’t become a sheep.

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