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I figured since I only have 3 people reading this, I’ll just word-vomit all the stuff that’s in my mind. That’s the most enjoyable way to write anyway!

I ran tonight and nothing was chasing me.  We have a bayou by our house that we tend to walk. Since “we” is now “I”, I decided to jog some of it. In truth, I did pretty darn well! I’m not built for running (My orthopedic surgeon would probably nod his head), but it certainly does help me look better.  My big motivation for running is the same mantra running through my head, “You will not end up like your dad, you will not end up like your dad.” It’s amazing that even all these years after he died, he can still make a positive change in my life.  My goal is to be there for my kiddos. I will do all that I can to stay healthy so that no one has to deal with the aftermath like I have.

On another odd Dad association… Mirmar Gaddafi…well Muammar first, then Mirmar.  Years upon years ago, I was a lil’ kiddo and acting crazy in my highchair.  Dad was reading a newspaper about something insane that Muammar was doing.  He said that I must be Muammar’s niece, Mirmar.  And, like most of Dad’s nicknames, it stuck.   So naturally, all the news about Muammar has me thinking of my nickname.

And thinking back to the fact that I’ve been Mirmar for more than 23 years, why is anyone surprised at the attrocities that Gaddafi is inciting?  Such a shame.

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  1. mom says:

    You know, that is exactly what I was thinking when hearing about all the uprisings in Libya. Ahh, your dad and his nicknames. Miry, deary was one of my favorites offsprings from your original nickname. Signing off from Baby Belouch. :)

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