What’s in a name?

Whilst watching some t.v, The Boy chuckled.  So I glance at him.  He says, “nevermind.”  Okay, when someone says ‘nevermind’, it becames a new mission of mine to find out what he/she was going to say. I must know. I must!

So, I badger him for a few minutes (momentary break to think of the Youtube video of Badgers. Badgers, badgers,badgers,badgers, MUSHROOM,MUSHROOM.  Eh…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should check it out.) and finally he concedes.

“It’s just…. Rockets…Houston.  NASA.  Rockets. I just realized that that’s why they’re named the Rockets.”

I start to chuckle and then stop. I had never connected that before either.  “We’re idiots.”

Click here for the awesomeness that is The Badger Song

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