“What’s the difference between moral and morale?  One simple letter changes the whole meaning,” I said with a gleam in my eye, for I was going to teach.  This was a question on a writing test and I was sure my athletes would catch the subtle change.

“It’s a big painting thing,” responded a student.

The first time a student told me that a moral was a large painting, I giggled. I explained the difference and they giggled too.  By 4:00pm, when I had had at least 7 student tell me about paintings, it stopped being so funny.  Today was a homophonic disaster.

Oh well, we’ll try again tomorrow. I’m shore we’ll get it.

On a side note, there was a HUGE thunderstorm on my way back home tonight.  I was driving along, jammin’ out to my country music (I moved to Texas so I didn’t have to be embarassed about my love of country), when WHHOOOOSSHHH :white light and nothingness:  Moments later, I realized it was just a blinding flash of lightning, but at that moment…the first moment of utter white light… my first thought was: Apocalypse.  But not just an ordinary end-of-days, but the zombie kind.  Perhaps I need to stop watching movies. Zombies?

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