Sexting (No, not me)

On my commute this morning, I heard that Texas legislature is trying to pass a bill that would make underage sexting illegal. In fact, if a kid gets caught sexting, his or her parent would have to go to court and they would be charged. The kid would be charged with a misdemeanor, which I heard was a down grade. I guess right now it’s a felony for trafficking child porn.  What’s more, the parent would be mandated to go to a parenting class.

Naturally, there are mixed reviews on this issue. There is always the right to privacy vs. right to protect people born to idiots…er whatever. So being that I can’t formulate an opinion ( I always thought that this blase attitude was a result of my generation and perhaps lead paint as a child.), I don’t know where I stand on this issue.

Thinking as a parent, (I just shuddered. I thought about my friend’s adorable kiddo who threw up in the backseat of the car and then said, “Oh Mommy! Look! It’s my favorite color.”…. not ready to parent, not ready to parent) I would hope that I have a better handle on what my kiddos are doing. Of course, I’m a middle school teacher and not naive enough to think that that is entirely possible. I know how sneaky kids can be.

But woes be the kid who gets my butt hauled down to the courthouse because they couldn’t control their hormones/text buttons. I wouldn’t have to worry about that court appearance twice though. “Here Gus/Olive (Hypothetical Child #1 and #2’s names). This is called a this a Jitter Bug phone.”

(On a side note: The Boy just asked what a Jitter Bug was. For those that don’t know- the Jitter Bug is the phone for old folks that can only call preset phone numbers.)

All the cool kids use these phones!

(On a secondary side note: I erased this entire post once. Don’t know how it happened. I cried and pouted. Now I’m back in the game. It may be time to accidentally smash Oliver {that’s my computer’s name, not my Hypothetical Child’s name. Hypothetical Child #3 is formally named No Name. No Name doesn’t even have a gender yet, let alone a name.} and get a new one.  Hello birthday in May!)

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