This is a Northern test. This is only a test.

Since I grew up in Ohio, I spent each winter not being able to feel my toes or fingers.   One would think that a Yankee baby would develop into a strong, insulated child. Not the case with me.  I froze each and every winter.  Thus the appeal of Houston’s winters.

But dating in Ohio taught me a few things. In fact, there were a few tests that I would always wait for. If a fella passed those tests, I knew that he was a good guy for me.

So skip ahead to The Boy. We met in Houston.  My Northern tests were no longer valid.  What did I want him to do in the heat of Houston? “Here honey, let me turn up the AC,” as the sweat drips down his face too. 

But this recent cold spell has given me the opportunity to observe The Boy.  I am happy to report that he has passed both cold weather tests without hesitation or me hinting. (Okay yes, sometimes I would guide the guy through so that he would pass the test. I know it’s cheating, but I’m an optimist.)  The Boy did these things on his own accord.

Cold weather tests:

1. The Boy gets up in the morning and while I’m still getting ready for battle work, he goes outside and turns on my car so that everything is defrosted and toasty for me when I’m ready to leave.  It’s a thoughtful touch that starts my day off right.

2. Last night, when we went to the store, he had me go and turn the car on and get it warm while he loaded the groceries in the back.  It gave me an opportunity to be out of the wind.

I have no doubt that if snow actually fell, he would clean my car off for me.  That’s the ultimate test of Northern love.  Now granted, I don’t expect these actions every time, but it has been wonderful to see that he did them just because he is truly a nice guy.

“He’s a keeper”  Bronx Tale anyone?

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  1. Dawn says:

    Good Job T!!!!

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