Play it again

 I realized today how often I repeat myself at work.

I get in to work, say good morning to any person with a heartbeat, occassionally throw in a ‘good. How are you?’  And then I continue on.   I yell “thank you” to my classroom neighbor for opening my door and turning on my light.

Once the day starts, it’s the “goodmorning-tuckinyourshirt.whereisyourid?unzipyourjacket,” diatribe. 

When my class actually starts, it’s a combination of “take out your warm up and begin working.” “This is a silent warm up.” “This is a silent warm up for everyone.”  Afterward, things get a bit of a mix up, depending on the day.

Without a doubt though, I say, “spit out your gum” and “tuck in your shirt” multiple times during each class period. 

Today…I had had enough.  Homegirl got caught with gum.  She spit it out.  Homegirl got caught with gum again.  She spit it out.  Homegirl got caught with gum.  I wrote her up and got her out of my class. This was within the first 12 minutes of class. Apparently my limit for gum reminders is limited to three.. or perhaps it was the four minutes between infractions that finally made Miss lose it.

As if you wondered why they can't chew gum. Uck!

By the way, no one else chewed gum or had an untucked shirt during that class period.

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  1. mom says:

    ooooh, nice colors—underneath the desk huh?

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