Toothbrush Resolutions

My commute to work takes about 50 minutes each way. Less if I’m listening to rock music, longer if there is any type of persipitation coming from the heavens.  So in my travels, I get to witness a lot of humans doing their bizarre human things. For instance, I watched a middle school aged boy brush his teeth in the car.  Of course, it took me nearly a minute to finally figure out what he was doing. He would suddenly poke his head out the backseat window, sorta bounce up, spit and then disappear back into the car.  He did this several times before he appeared with his toothbrush in his mouth. And it clicked in my head. Ah ha! He’s brushing his teeth in the car.  But then it got me to thinking of what has to occur in the life of that family to make car-brushing an acceptable practice.  I mean, I wasn’t even allowed to move around in the bathroom when I brushed my teeth for fear that I would fall and lodge the Oral-B into my throat. And I was often reminded that if that ever happened, make sure not to pull the wedged tool out of my airway, for I would surely bleed to death. Typical dinner table talk.

Being that today was the first day back to school, I expected helter skelter.  Since it’s a middle school, I wasn’t disappointed.  Two weeks in the life of a 13 year old is innumerably long, so the students were frantic to see one another.  Myself and the rest of the teachers did the typical nod-my-life-is-hell-I-should-have-listened-to-my-grandfather-and-gone-into-law- to one another.  Just another Monday.

In an effort to get my kiddos to work with goal setting, we wrote out our resolutions for 2011.   I wanted them to walk away with a goal that they could really set their sights for and reach for the stars and other teach-like mantras.  My favorite student generated resolution summed up the crux of my efforts to make this activity a serious venture:

“I resolve to NOT flip my hair so much that I break my neck so I am going to use my hand to get my hair out of my eyes.”  Golly, it’s moments like this that makes a teacher proud. :sigh:

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  1. Mark says:

    Being a truck driver I too witness quite a bit. Some things I’ve witnessed would make a person blush!

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