Bedtime T.V.

7ft long

4ft high

800 lbs

Can move over 30 mph

Can you guess what it is?    And no, it’s not a new Uber-Smart Car.  Give up?

Wild hogs!  Texas is having a scourge of these wild hogs.  And last night, while I lied in bed…listening to the sounds of scuffling outside… I watched a show about these wild hogs. I watched as they terrorized small children.   I watched as they destroyed cars that contained food. I watched as they barged into homes of unsuspecting English teachers, destroying books in their wake (Ok, I made that up).

I have to admit, I’m a big scaredy cat. I really am.  I startle easily and have an overactive imagination. Talk to me about ghosts or aliens and forget it- I’m done for the night.  In fact, I’ve often snapped at The Boy for scaring me.  On his behalf, many of the times he scares me are based basically on him living in the house with me.  I scream when he calls my name. I jump when he walks passed a room I’m in.  I hyperventilate when he hides behind a door in a dark room and jumps out in an attack-stance.

Recently, I haven’t been able to sleep very well, so I’ve started watching television.  In truth, I very rarely watch anything, so it helps me kinda zone out and start to drift off.  But recently, evening programs have become a problem.  I refuse to watch Jersey Shore or anything else like that.  I can’t do it. Call me an elitist.  Cannot.  It’s left me in a conundrum.  Stay awake or watch t.v and stay awake. As a result of my veto of shows that capitalize on my generation acting like imbeciles (by the way, my 7th graders hope to be them one day.  It makes my soul cry),  I’m stuck with shows like Infestation and When Simingly Safe Things Kill You.  Wonder why I can’t sleep at night.

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